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We offer a range of products and solutions for a variety of markets including Agriculture, Landscape, Turf, Greenhouse and Nursery. Our goal is to ensure that you find the right tools and services to maintain an evergreen landscape and grow the best tasting, highest yielding foods possible.


Landscape & Turf Irrigation

Providing total Irrigation Solutions for your home garden, office premises, parks or sports grounds.

Agricultural Solutions

Offering a vast range of Agricultural Solutions starting from Farm Designing to Irrigation and Fertigation.

Agricultural Equipment

Select from our range of agricultural and gardening equipment - Backpack Sprayers - Hand Sprayers - Tree Sprayers - Brush Cutters - UV Treated Polythene - Insect Proof Netting - Shade Netting - Gardening Tools

Residential and Commercial Solutions

Our products and services address the challenges of today’s modern landscapes by providing water conservation solutions for efficient and effective irrigation – even in the most challenging residential and commercial applications.

Specific Crop Solutions

We have the best solutions for your specific crop. Whether the crop fruits, vegetables or plantation crops, our farm designing, irrigation and fertigation solutions help growers achieve healthy, profitable harvests while using less resources.

We Are Water Experts

We offer a full line of products that support efficient use of water, eliminating hand watering and reducing labor costs while improving plant quality through the uniform distribution of water and nutrients.

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